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This products can be used for both wax and e-liquid. Set wax vaporizer includes: 2 X atomizers2 X batteries2 X covers1 X wall charger1 X USB charger1 X packing tools2 X tanks for wax1 X manual1 X gift box/EGO zipper bag Contact us for OEM services and MOQ, samples can be purchased from our daily deals site.
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Feature: 1. Smallest electronic vaporizer 2. No torch, no lighter and no butane needed 3. Compact design, fits in the palm of your hand 4. Combined with two Rechargeable NIMH batteries, this sturdy little vaporizer will provide hours of quality Vaporization 5. Light weight, portable 6. Ready to use in seconds, hottest in Europe. 7. Stylish and sleek design, superior quality, factory price Contact us for Minimum order requirement and oem services. For retail purchases of this product visit our d…
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The Vegetable Green house advantages: The biggest advantage is the roof  opening spans length of green house which solves the problem of low light transmission.  Full-wave ventilation in the appropriate season can directly bring outside air in, and with open top the inside and outside of greenhouse can reach good ventilation. The ventilation efficiency is  nearly 100% better compared to the traditional greenhouses, and this reduces the cost of greenhouse cooling. Greenhouse general advantage…
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GLASS TUBE:DIA50X5MM HEIGHT:18INCH MOQ:100PCS Contact us for pricing with shipping to your location.
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GeoRevive®, was developed in Germany and offers benefits that are prerequisites for the cultivation of arid and semi-arid areas. It is a water-retaining product, which can be intermixed with existing soil or sand. The invention is a store for supplying liquid to plants. The product has a positive impact on plants and can be used at home, in gardens, and on short grassed sport grounds like golf courses, football fields, horse race tracks etc. Properties of the GeoRevive®:- The product match with …
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We have silver, black, red-oxide color for you to choose from. The hookah head converts old hookah into E- Hookah. Our head fits 90% of the hookah in the market. No more unhealthy charcoal or tobacco, use natural e-liquid. There are 2 cartridges inside, so you can enjoy huge vapor in a healthy way and also still use your ceramic bowl two options one device. We offer OEM service with free logo for orders of 500 or more. 1 Pcs Battery body 4 Pcs Cartomizers(2ml) 1 Pcs Cylinder connector 1 Pc…
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12" Single Fritted Disc withSplash Guard Water Pipe.7mm strong, thick glass.
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The beaker base Glass Ice bong is made of 7mm super thick clear glass tubing. The bong is 16" tall.
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3.8 X 3.2 mm, blue 12" oval 1 perk(clear)+clear umbrella, 3 PC (glass in glass and blue ball)
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Product Description Hemp harvesting is a tough work for farmer. If harvesting them by hand, it will need huge man power but the working efficiency is very slow. Using our Hemp harvester can greatly reduced harvesting time and make sure all the Hemp can be harvested on time when they are mature. Our Hemp harvester solved the problems above.  
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